An Aramaic Approach to the Gospels

An Aramaic Approach to the Gospels

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Author: Black, Matthew.

Title: An Aramaic Approach to the Gospels.


Publisher: Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1954. Second Edition.


Description: 8vo. vii, 304 p. Light wear. No jacket. Footnotes with references. Supplementary notes with bibliographical references: (p. 245-278) Very good. Hardcover.

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    Note: "An expansion of four lectures ... delivered, in the spring of 1940, under the Bruce lectures (Trinity college) foundation, to the New Testament classes of Glasgow university and Trinity college ... Submitted in manuscript as a thesis for the degree of D. Litt. of the University of Glasgow ... awarded in ... 1944."--Pref...Preface to the 2nd Edition: " I have had access to some of the unpublished notes o the late Professor A. J. Wensinck of Leiden. I have been able to incorporate several of these in this edition..." 


    Contents: "Previous work on the Aramaic of the Gospels and Acts -- The linguistic and textual approach -- Style and structure of the sentence -- The Aramaic subordinate clause -- Aramaic influence on grammar and vocabulary -- The formal element of Semitic poetry in the Gospels -- Mistranslation and interpretation of Aramaic -- Aramaic as a cause of variant readings -- Survey of results -- Appendix A : the West Aramaic element in the old Syriac Gospels -- Appendix B : the Arabic and medieval Gospel harmonies -- Appendix C : the unpublished work of A. J. Wensinck of Leiden -- Appendix D : the Aramaic liturgical poetry of the Jews."