Language and History in the Early Germanic World.

Language and History in the Early Germanic World.

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Author: Green, D. H.

Title: Language and History in the Early Germanic World.


Published: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000.


Description: 8vo. xv, 444 p. : ill, map. Light edgewear, reading crease to the spine. Ex Libris stamp & name of D & L Rollason to the half title page. Footnotes with references. Further reading: (p. 392-397). Bibliography: (p. 398-424) Good. Softcover. ISBN: 0521794234.

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    Note: From the Library of Professor D. Rollason & Dr L. Rollason of the Medieval History Department at Durham University. 

    Contents: Part. I. The Germanic World. 1. Religion. 2. Law. 3. Kinship. 4. Warfare. 5. People and army. 6. Lordship. 7. Kingship --

    Part. II. Contact with the Non-Germanic World. 8. Contact with the Celts. 9. The migration of the Goths. 10. Germanic loanwords in Latin. 11. Latin loanwords in Germanic. 12. Trade and warfare with the Romans. 13. Names of days of the week. 14. The vocabulary of writing --

    Part. III. Contact with Christianity. 15. Problems of Christianisation. 16. The influence of provincial Roman Christianity. 17. The influence of Gothic. 18. The influence of the Merovingian Franks. 19. The influence of the Anglo-Saxons. 20. Contrasts in Christian vocabulary. 21. The vocabulary of ethics and fate.